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Why I don't drink alcohol

February 23, 2023 Richard Coward
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Why I don't drink alcohol
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Show Notes

As a non-drinker, I'm often asked why I choose not to indulge in alcohol.
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While I do believe that alcohol has positive effects and has had a largely positive impact on society, I personally do not feel a need for those positive effects. I am happy to unwind and be social in my own way without the use of alcohol.

In fact, I value the feeling of being fully conscious and aware. I don't have any desire to numb my senses or my experience of life. I enjoy being fully present and engaged with the people and events around me, and I don't need alcohol to achieve that state.

Another reason I choose not to drink is that I never want to experience a hangover. To me, the feeling of being hungover is like wasting time. I hate waking up the next day not feeling great but having big dreams and goals to achieve. Even having a small amount of alcohol has a small effect on me, and I'd rather not take that risk.

In addition, I want to achieve more in my life and be more productive. Drinking alcohol can sometimes get in the way of those goals, and I'd rather not take any chances with my time and my potential.

Finally, I've been inspired by other successful people who have chosen to stop drinking, Jim Carrey, Donald Trump (whatever your political views, he has achieved a lot, Rhishi Sunak, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lopez, Sam Ovens and many more). I've seen how their lives have improved, and I feel better, inspired, and motivated to follow in their footsteps. Overall, I don't believe that alcohol is necessary to have a good time or to be successful in life. I'm happy with my choice not to drink and the benefits it brings to my life.

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