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What is Artificial Intelligence? ChatGPT explains

February 25, 2023 Richard Coward
2030 School
What is Artificial Intelligence? ChatGPT explains
Show Notes

In this podcast we asked ChatGPT to explain what Artificial Intelligence is.

We often hear about artificial intelligence, but what is it? And how does it work?

We will start with an introduction to AI concepts and terminology and then delve into the key areas of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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Resources for Further Learning:

  1. Coursera – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – A free online course offered by Stanford University that covers the basics of AI, including machine learning and deep learning.

  2. Udacity – Intro to Artificial Intelligence – An online course that covers the foundations of AI, including search algorithms, logic, and planning.

  3. MIT OpenCourseWare – Introduction to Deep Learning – A series of free online lectures on deep learning by MIT professor Alexander Amini.

  4. Kaggle – A platform for data scientists to explore and analyze data sets and participate in machine learning competitions.

  5. TensorFlow – An open-source software library for machine learning, deep learning, and other AI applications.

  6. AI Ethics Lab – A resource for understanding the ethical considerations of AI and how to implement responsible practices in AI development.