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How to Make Money Buying Websites? With Shlomo Freund

March 25, 2023 Richard Coward
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How to Make Money Buying Websites? With Shlomo Freund
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Show Notes

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Welcome to our Youtube interview with Shlomo Freund from Freefinancialself.com, where we'll be discussing buying websites and his experience in this field. Shlomo has been buying websites for quite some time and has developed an impressive portfolio of successful websites. In this interview, we'll be covering a range of topics related to buying websites.

We kick off the interview with Shlomo discussing how he got into buying websites and what sparked his interest in this area. Shlomo shares his story and how he took his first steps in buying websites. He then goes on to explain how he would introduce buying websites to beginners and the benefits of investing in an internet business.

Next, we delve into the process of researching and finding opportunities when it comes to buying websites. Shlomo shares his tips and strategies for finding the right websites to buy and the factors to consider when making a purchase.

The interview moves on to discussing the reasons why people want to sell websites. Shlomo explains his experience in dealing with website owners and the different motivations behind selling a website.

We then discuss the kind of websites that Shlomo has bought and his experience in improving them. Shlomo talks about the different types of websites he has invested in and the strategies he used to transform and grow them.

As the interview progresses, we look at the future of buying websites and how the industry is developing. Shlomo shares his thoughts on where the industry is heading and his plans for the future.

We then move on to discussing how Shlomo allocates his time to these projects and the number of hours he spends on each one. Shlomo talks about the time and resources required to successfully grow and develop a website.

Finally, we conclude the interview with a discussion on the remote work lifestyle and Shlomo's thoughts on the benefits and challenges of working remotely.

Overall, this interview provides valuable insights into the world of buying websites and the strategies and considerations involved in this process.

0:00 Introduction
0:36 How did you get into buying websites?
2:16 How would you introduce it to a beginner?
3:36 How would they go about researching or finding opportunities?
4:49 What's the strategy?
6:13 Could you share more about the kind of websites you got?
9:29 Why are people selling websites?
11:18 How easy is it to do that?
11:28 How do you see it developing in future?
16:12 What do you think are your future plans?
17:25 How do you allocate time to these projects?
18:33 How many hours go into these projects is it mostly rebuilding and then creating content and or any improvements?
20:43 What do you think about the remote work lifestyle?

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