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What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?

March 31, 2023 Richard Coward
2030 School
What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?
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Show Notes

Didier Frank is a research engineer from Rwanda who is working in China
You can read more and contact Frank here:

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with our thought-provoking interview featuring an AI expert. We discuss a wide range of AI-related topics, including security concerns, development processes, and global perspectives. Learn more about how AI impacts our daily lives, from ChatGPT to chatbots, and how it's changing the way we work. We also touch on AI's decision-making capabilities and intelligence, exploring its potential to improve humanity and what the future may hold. Don't miss this comprehensive discussion, offering valuable insights and final thoughts on the fast-evolving AI landscape.

0:00  AI Security in China and digital pass
1:21 How to create digital passports
2:46  AI developing
5:53  What do you think about AI
7:07  Do you use ChatGPT?
9:56  AI in China Vs West
12:39 Chat bots
17:07  Impact on work
19:56  AI making decisions
21:42  How smart is AI?
24:52  How it can improve humanity
25:37  Future of AI?
27:46  Final thoughts

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