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How to Buy Back Your Time - Grow without Limits

June 15, 2023 Richard Coward
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How to Buy Back Your Time - Grow without Limits
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Show Notes


Martell often discusses the idea of entrepreneurs buying back their time as a way to scale businesses and improve personal productivity. The basic premise involves delegating tasks to others that either don't play to one's strengths or are not the best use of one's time. By doing so, entrepreneurs can focus on high-value tasks that they are uniquely qualified to do.

This "buying back your time" strategy involves understanding the value of your time, identifying the tasks that aren't a good use of it, and finding ways to delegate or outsource those tasks. This could mean hiring staff, using freelance platforms, or leveraging technology and automation.

Martell emphasizes that this concept isn't just about improving productivity within the business, but also about creating a better work-life balance. It frees up time that can be spent with family, on personal development, or pursuing hobbies and interests.

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